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15 March 2017

Altran brings Big Data analytics expertise to support Digital Railway’s Degraded Mode Working System

Altran is pleased to announce its selection by Network Rail for the next phase of Digital Railway’s COMPASS project for Degraded Mode Working. COMPASS (DMWS) has the potential to revolutionise the customer experience on Britain's railways, by making signalling-related delays a thing of the past. As a true 'hot standby' that is physically and technologically separate from existing signalling systems, COMPASS will dramatically improve efficiency during a signalling failure by enabling continuity of service without time-consuming manual intervention.

Altran is proud to collaborate with Network Rail on this exciting and innovative project... Altran’s agile and innovative approach to systems engineering will continue to be applied, ensuring that COMPASS revolutionises the handling of failures on the UK railway and delivers maximum benefit for passengers with minimal cost. Mike Simms, Chief Executive Officer at Altran UK