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Altran company

Altran Technologies Czech Republic

This company has officially re-launched Altran Technologies Group’s global market position with its focus on business in Central and Eastern European perimeter. Altran’s global reach and industrial footprint of its multiple OEM and Tier-1 clientele especially in the Automotive segment stood at the pinnacle of this strategic consideration.

From its humble beginning in the area of Class-A surfacing and Design Support activities including Styling and Concept Development, Altran Technologies Czech Republic, soon expanded its services into the field of Enterprise Performance and Industrialization. There, technical project management, project procurement, quality management in the former and BIW tooling project management as well as home-line try-out and tool production launch services in the latter, became integral and principal in driving the company’s business forward from its modest start through its initial 2012-2013.

In 2016, two key business acquisitions of key market players in area of BIW Tooling Industrialization and in the field of Engineering & Development spanning from Concept Development, Serial Engineering, Prototyping and Testing,  were successfully  completed to reinforce and upgrade Altran’s position in the regional market as well as in its global BIWE (Body-in-White Equipment) go-to-market strategy in the Automotive segment.

Altran CZ

This represents the very latest transformation of the Altran Technologies Czech Republic and SWELL companies into a single entity as part of Altran Technologies Group’s Automotive  global market offensive and regional positioning in CEE.

Currently (as of June 2017) with more than 300 employees and a service value chain spanning from A-class surfacing, concept creation, through complete engineering and development scope of activities complemented with CAE, Prototyping and Testing, and supported through BIW Industrialization and Enterprise Performance expertise, Altran CZ is primed to become a leader in the region while also supporting many of the group’s BIWE offerings and actual projects around the global.

The company is proud to have adopted many of the SWELL’s values and principles to ensure smooth and tactical pursuit of its great history and allowing them to be synergized with those brought by Altran Technologies Group.

Altran CZ is here to support you locally and internationally.



Altran CZ

Altran Technologies Czech Republic, s.r.o.

Českobratrské náměstí 1392
293 01 Mladá Boleslav

+420 326 109 100




SWELL, a.s.
Member of the Altran Group

Příčná 2017
508 01  Hořice

+420 493 546 800